3 Reasons To Get SportsGrub This Season

It is officially Fall. Leaves are changing, students have returned to schools, and convenience stores have been selling Halloween merchandise for two months already. Of all the things to look forward to in the fall, the return of school sports is one of our favorites. At SportsGrub we love supporting local high school and college teams throughout their season. We are happy to become a part of team traditions. We want to make sure every athlete has access to healthy and tasty game day meals.

Meals Designed For Athletes

Did you know there are entire subcategories in nutrition and health studies for athletes? Professional sports has driven nutritionists, physical trainers, and medical researchers to learn everything they can about food and exercise for athletes. Using those studies, our team has developed a menu that is designed to keep athletes fueled from the warmups to overtime. Orange slices may have been fine for halftime at a little league game, but adult athletes need meals that will keep them energized and help them build lean muscle. Too often, student-athletes prepare for away games with unhealthy food they buy on the road or with a small snack at home. More importantly, our app allows athletes to keep track of their nutrition and caloric intake.

Accountability & Responsibility

In the past there were really only three options for athletes on game day. Prepare your own food which requires waking up earlier. Get unhealthy food from a fast-food establishment or mainstream food delivery app. Or don’t eat. With SportsGrub your entire team can get healthy food that is freshly prepared and delivered to your game. SportsGrub is a local brand which means we are not a middle man like other app services. Our teams order food from our menu and it is delivered by us. That way, we can deal with any issues or problems, and you don’t have to worry about sending an email to a faceless company that might not get back to you.

Contact SportsGrub For Food Delivery

If you are looking to get a delicious meal for your entire team. Try out SportsGrub, you can contact our sales team by emailing info@sportsgrub.com or using our online form.