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Throughout Massachusetts, millions of students have had their classes, extracurriculars, and sports put on hold. For student-athletes, especially upperclassmen, this can be a very challenging time. Already, many schools have found ways to supplement education through online means. Assigning homework, sending worksheets, and even video chatting with teachers has allowed many students to continue their education during this unprecedented time period. However, one area that both adults and students may be struggling with is how to stay physically active during shelter from home policies. Many gyms have closed throughout the state, and unless you have access to a personal home gym, it may seem extremely difficult to stay on top exercise. At SportsGrub, we are dedicated to helping students pursue athletic achievement which is why we wrote this article on home workout advice.

Cardio Exercises You Can Do At Home

By far one of the most difficult areas of exercise to manage when stuck inside is cardio. Many athletes do not have access to treadmills, rowing machines, ellipticals, or stair masters when stuck at home. And the weather does not always permit outdoor activity in the Greater Boston area. That is why it is important to look for other solutions. Here are a few ways to burn calories in and around your home.

  • Outdoor Activity: If the weather permits it and there are pathways nearby, consider taking a run or a bike ride through your area. The CDC and the state of Massachusetts have advised that although we should be limiting our time in public, we are still encouraged to go outside and maintain social distancing. If there is an area where you can easily maintain six feet of distance from others and go on a run or a bike ride, we highly recommend it.
  • Stairs: If your building has enough stairs, you can get a really good cardio workout climbing stairs. Stairs are perfect for calf raises as well. You can vary how you climb stairs from quick sprints to taking stairs slowly but two at a time. Superset your stair climbing with squats to build leg muscle.
  • Cardio Circuits: If you are stuck within your house or apartment, clear a small area and run through a cardio circuit. This includes burpees, high-knees, jumping jacks, and other similar drills. By running this circuit for a few minutes you can get the benefits of high-intensity interval training. (HIIT).

Muscle Training From Home

Aside from cardio, you should find ways to maintain muscle tone while staying at home. Not every athlete has access to weights, but if you do, there are thousands of arm, shoulder, back, leg, and core exercises that can be assisted with weight. You can also create substitute weights. Milk jugs, full water bottles, paint cans, and other objects can act as weights if you do not have dumbbells. Make sure to use the same weight for both arms or sides. Here are a few exercises you can do with makeshift weights:

  • Mason Twist (Russian Twist): A great core workout to add between planks, bicycle crunches, and situps is a mason twist. Sit on a mat, raise your legs off the ground and hold your weight at your core, being twisting allowing the weight to tap either side next to your hip. There are many variations of this exercise that can be used cardio or muscle training.
  • Weighted Squats: A goblet squat involves holding a weight at chest height as you complete your squats. This exercise is great for leg strength.
  • Arm Circuit: If you have two weights that are equal you can use a mix of shoulder shrugs, bicep curls, and overhead presses for a good arm workout.
  • Dumbell Deadlifts: From a squat position lift heavier objects off the ground using your leg muscles.

The key to staying in shape is consistency. Make time every day to get some exercise in, whether that means using virtual classes or creating your own at-home routine. We wish all of our student-athletes good luck and we are excited to see them when the seasons start back up.

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